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Better Than Expected aka Why Didn’t I Start this 14 Years Ago?

Even before meeting with the students, reading their self assessments gave me some insight to what was going on with them and their work, but not just in a “How do you think things are going?” kind of way. The reflective questions helped the students really hunker down and take a deeper look as to…

What is the Value of a Grade?

“How can I make this animation better?” In 14 years of teaching, only a small handful of students have come to me and asked this question. However, I have had many students ask me, “How can I get a better grade?” This is especially true at the end of semesters, when my students who either…

Do Grades Determine Our Value?

I began a dialogue with my students three weeks ago. If we can teach students and they can focus on their learning and progress instead of a letter grade will we have better outcomes? Will students learn more? Will students engage more? Will teachers and students build connections that don’t exist or cannot exist in…

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