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Unreal to Dragonframe

Trying to send UDP connections from Unreal 5 to Dragonframe. I just found this plugin. ObjectDeliverer in Code Plugins – UE Marketplace ( Hopefully this will allow me to send JSON formatted messages to Dragonframe.

I’m also looking at There is a 5.0 version and the video instructions are here:

Buuuut the UDPCommunication plugin is not for 5.03 (which is what I’m working with) so I’m using this video instructions to convert it

Here is a version of the UDPCommunication plugin for 5.03. You can download it here. (Create a “Plugins” folder in your Project file. Copy the UDPCommunication folder into the newly created Plugins folder you made. Then install the plugin when you open your project)

And lastly, Tom Gasek, Saige Kanik, Sahana Maheswaran and Roshni Nair are making progress on the foreground stage!

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