Improving Lighting

From William Faucher –

Removed all the lighting.

  • Environment Light Mixer
    • added Directional Light, SkyLight, SkyAtmosphere, VolumetericCloud
  • Moved sun using CTRL+L and moving mouse
  • Create Post ProcessVolume
    • Turn Off auto exposure metering
    • Infinite Extend (unbound)
    • Apply Physical Camera Exposure
    • exposure compensation slider
  • Remove Blue in Fog
    • ExponentialHeightFog – turn on Use Volumetric Fog
  • God Rays
    • Directional Light -Volumetric Scattering slider

It has been an interesting day. I didn’t realize that SyncTrayzor was syncing the files in both directions. I came in this morning and found that the nDisplay computer was getting full. I went in and saw that there were useless files in the UnrealProjects folder I created. When I deleted those files, it deleted the files on the main project computer. My files were gone. Now I’m backing up all the files to a network drive. I also set syncTrayzor to only send files, not keep them exactly the same.

Next came the discovery that I have a GTX 1070 card in my nDisplay computer. I am getting .5 fps (you read that correctly) in my scene. Needless to say, that is less than ideal. It is stop motion, but the lag between computers is astonishing. To test the fps, I created an nDisplay test project with basic lighting and geometry. I was able to get a blazing 8 fps!

8 frames per second
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