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What is the Value of a Grade?

“How can I make this animation better?” In 14 years of teaching, only a small handful of students have come to me and asked this question. However, I have had many students ask me, “How can I get a better grade?” This is especially true at the end of semesters, when my students who either…

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Do Grades Determine Our Value?

I began a dialogue with my students three weeks ago. If we can teach students and they can focus on their learning and progress instead of a letter grade will we have better outcomes? Will students learn more? Will students engage more? Will teachers and students build connections that don’t exist or cannot exist in…

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Improving Lighting

From William Faucher - Removed all the lighting. It has been an interesting day. I didn’t realize that SyncTrayzor was syncing the files in both directions. I came in this morning and found that the nDisplay computer was getting full. I went in and saw that there were useless files in the UnrealProjects folder I…

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Tower Grayboxing

I started grayboxing the trash towers. Next I’ll look at rough lighting the scene. I handed the Tower rough to Iza who is going to bring it into Bricklink studio and make the tower LEGO-ed (is that a word?) Tim Stringer stopped by and mentioned that Syncthing would be good to keep the nDisplay computer…

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Running UDP Communication in Unreal

I Had the opportunity to try the new 5.03 UDPCommunication plugin that I updated from There is a 5.0 version and the video instructions are here: . Using LiveTcpUdpWatch I was able to see that there were packets and data being sent. Next up is to figure out How to send JSON information…

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Mark Reisch Educator, Animator, Tinkerer. I am a 3D Animation Professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I have an interest in all things having to do with the Unreal Engine, Virtual Production, and motion. I recently rehabilitated a non-working Co2 Laser and have been having fun learning the laser engraving/cutting workflow.

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